Lawful gun-owners are being blamed for the cultural and societal failures of liberalism

Lawful gun-owners are being blamed for the cultural and societal failures of liberalism.

From American Thinker:

[The cultural and societal failures of liberalism are endless] in an ideology built on lies and irrational fantasy.  To accelerate the movement toward forcible disarmament, there will be a “Children’s March” soon.  It will be attended or watched by millions of brainwashed products of the NEA, a liberal advocate for complete government control, cynically using their right of disinformed free speech to manipulate children to destroy the right of millions to self-defense against tyranny.  In the process, lawful gun-owners will be blamed for all they have fought by millions of children who have been told that it is the gun-owners who are lying about who exposed and abandoned them to the violence of liberalism and a life of serfdom.  No doubt child-sized brown shirts will be available for purchase at the march.

This is how children are indoctrinated as agents of the state, which uses them like so many bullet-catchers and footstools.  This is how freedom is stolen.

The Parkland shooting is a perfect example of culture rot that is directly responsible for 17 innocent deaths. It’s blamed on the NRA and law-abiding gun owners. Anyone with half a brain can see this is nonsense. The NRA did not do one damn thing to cause or even contribute to the evil corruption of Nikolas Cruz. No NRA member has ever been involved in a public shooting.  An NRA member used an AR-15 rifle in Texas a couple of months ago to stop a mass shooting, thereby saving many lives.

The corruption of Nikolas Cruz was his own personal failing, but it was exacerbated by a stupid policy of ignoring misdemeanor crimes of high school students in Broward County. When liberals teach teenagers they can break the law with impunity the result is inevitable. Much more delingquency will occur and escalate into more serious criminal behavior. Nikolas Cruz is an extreme example.

Why did liberals allow such a dumbass policy to be implemented in the Broward County school system? The answer is obvious. Liberals believe reality is optional. Liberals believe reality is a lie. They believe they can override reality and human nature. They believe in world that they can make perfect. The intentions may be good, the results are horrific.

They embarked on this insane policy because the can’t face the reality that black and hispanic crimes rate are disproportional to their percent of the population. They want desperately to believe racism is responsible for the disproportionate rate of criminal wrongdoing among minorities. Nikolas Cruz is neither black nor hispanic, but the surname given to him by his adopted parents allowed liberals to treat him as hispanic.

The so-called Broward County Solution was to reduce the arrest rate by not arresting anyone. That worked so well in reducing the arrest rate of minority students they extended it to all students. Voila, Broward schools appeared to be happy and peaceful, just good little liberals spreading cheer and good will. The reality was different. The reality was a school yard full of bullies and miscreants without fear of punishment.

That insane stupidity wasn’t the sole cause of Nikolas Cruz’s murder spree. Nikolas Cruz was the sole cause of the killings, but without the enabling of his criminal behavior by Broward County offiicials he might never have done what he did, or he might have been stopped by intervention before he did what he did. He was expelled several times but his actions were often criminal and should have been treated as such.

That’s too hard for liberals to admit. Easier to blame it on people who had nothing to do with it, like the NRA and lawful gun owners. Just another attempt to dodge reality.  That’s what liberals do. That’s what the permissive rotten culture they’ve created lets them do.

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