Law Enforcement: Sanctuary Cities More Dangerous

Washington Free beacon 

Sheriffs on the front lines of immigration debate in California are warning that the sanctuary state law the legislature passed over the weekend ties law enforcement’s hands too tightly and is only inviting more tragedy when it comes to illegal immigrants who have repeatedly committed serious crimes.

“It’s a hazardous law for Californians and people sworn to protect and serve Californians and we would like to see it changed,” Bill Brown, the sheriff for Santa Barbara County who serves as president of the California State Sheriffs Association, told the Washington Free Beacon.

“I hope next year we can be catalysts for some type of legislative fix,” he added, giving credit to Gov. Jerry Brown for late modifications to the bill in response to law enforcement concern.

The law passed along straight party-lines, and, considering the lopsided Democratic majority in both houses in the state legislature, law enforcement leaders predict that only a high-profile tragedy or heinous crime could shift the political will enough to modify the bill.

You can’t create a sanctuary for one type of criminal and not expect to get many other types of criminals.

Kathryn Steinle couldn’t be reached for comment.

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