Laura Ingraham gets the last laugh — UPDATED

UPDATE: Ingraham’s viewership increases 20% since David Hogg’s boycott

Laura Ingraham gets the last laugh as she emerges unscathed from the David Camera Hogg boycott show. Ingraham has held on to her ratings and the advertisers are returning to her show. Well, so far only ACE Hardware has returned but the others are still advertising on Fox News so they’ll likely come back to the Laura Ingraham show as well.

This points out the real reason advertisers drop a television or radio show that comes under attack by liberals. The decision to pull out is less about political ideology than about the show’s ratings. If they think a political attack will be successful they get edgy spending advertising dollars in places that won’t get them the eyes and ears they expect for their money. Once it appears the political attack had little effect they come back.

The same thing happened to Rush Limbaugh a few years ago. I can’t remember the details of the political attack (as if it mattered) but several of Rush’s sponsors pulled out from his radio show. Rush being the contrarian that he is (why his listeners love him) expected the week-sister advertisers would be back in a short time. He was right, when they saw his ratings were unaffected they wanted back in the door.

But then Rush did something bold. He 86’d those advertisers who abandoned him. I don’t know for sure if he banned them for good, but I know he told them to go pound sand at the time. He had plenty of new advertisers to take their place.

This turned  out to be a great PR event for Rush. It was a perfect example of making lemonade out of lemons. Rush’s listeners loved him even more, if that were possible. He solidified his base of listener support by making a strong showing against jackasses giving him guff. The GOP could take a valuable lesson from this. They won’t of course.

You have to have strong support of viewers or listeners to do what Rush did, but that’s not all you need. You need confidence in yourself, and you need moxie. Rush has both in abundance.

Laura Ingaham gets the last laugh. It seems she has plenty of moxie herself and that has served her well in the fight with David Carmera Hogg. He’s clearly the loser in this kerfuffle.


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