The last crossing of the legs at the ankles

The photo below of a dead Austrian soldier in 1915 with his ankles crossed is a common site that EMTs, police and others might see at an auto-pedestrain accident involving a fatality or a crime scene.  Medical examiners see it in murder victims. Do people intentionally cross their ankles moments before they die?  I’ve seen this myself a couple of times when I’ve come upon a horrendous highway crash.  It’s mysterious.  I was once told by a pathologist that medical examiners believe it means the person actually was dead on their feet when they fell.  All brain activity had ceased first, then they fell.

Maybe, but this soldier’s arm and hand position seem to indicate he was alive for a time after he fell.  It’s a mystery. It is such a common occurrence though, it must have an explanation.

WWI deceased

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