Lame Duck Congress Goes Well For Conservatives and Tea Party

It’s been a good four days for Mitch McConnell, Conservatives and the Tea Party.

Tax-rate extensions passed.

Omnibus Pork Bill failed.

DREAM Act failed.

Miserable food “safety” bill failed. (Federal Government won’t be regulating bake sales at schools anytime soon.)

UPDATE sunday: Food safety bill  brought back and passed unanimously.  Ugh.  Republicans up to their old tricks, never missing a chance to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  No more bake sales.  Federal government not satisfied being in our bedrooms, our bathrooms, and our showers.  Now the Federal Govt. will be in our Kitchen too.  We need the repeal amendment ASAP.

But on the good news side it looks like the idiotic START treaty, which would cripple our missile defense system while allowing Russia to build more missiles to attack us, is in trouble.  it’s a bad, bad treaty that will weaken our defenses and should be scrapped.

DADT repeal passed.

All good (except for DADT repeal) even though the tax compromise is not nearly as good as it could have been if Republicans had been willing to negotiate harder for it.  They did their usual and left a lot of money on the table, in my view.  They probably could have gotten the tax rates made permanent.  The rise in the death tax from zero this year to 35% next year is a huge increase, but the $5 Million exemption will save a lot of small businesses, ranches and farms.  If Republicans are smart (if they can stop being dumb, that is) they can use this issue to their advantage in 2012 and force Democrats to vote for making them permanent (and Obama as well if he actually thinks he might get re-elected.)

Michael Barone says, Reid and Pelosi Finally Get Mugged By Public Opinion.

George Will says, The Political Fantasy-Land of the “No-Labels” Movement is an effort by liberals to avoid being called liberals because they have so discredited that word.  They are well on the way to discrediting “progressive” as well so they need to avoid any label at all or no one will listen to them.  Conservatives, on the other hand, proudly proclaim that label, and polls show that a majority of Americans self-identify themselves as conservatives.  So the no-lables crowd need to get rid of that label as well.  It won’t work because the labels “consevative” and “liberal” convey useful information.  A conservative is someone who believes in limited government, low taxes, and individual liberty.  A Liberal is someone who wants to reach into your shower and adjust the water temperature.

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