Kurt Schlichter says you should own an “assault rifle”

He means you should own an AR-15 rifle which is in no way an “assault rifle” no matter what liberals say. It’s also a very fine well designed semi-automatic .22 caliber rifle that is loads of fun to shoot at the range, is extremely accurate, and is a great home defense gun with the correct ammunition that will not penetrate your walls, which would pose harm to innocent life.

Why Science and Experience Command That You buy an “Assault Rifle”

It must be nice walking through life believing that the paradise the founders built here in North America is the natural state of man, and that we can therefore forgo the difficult and dangerous tasks associated with defending it. But some of us don’t have the luxury of illusions. We know that peace and civilization are not the natural state of man, and that the black swan events that we have somehow convinced ourselves could never happen do happen with startling regularity. And this is why you should buy guns and ammunition.

Specifically, you should own, at a minimum, a modern semiautomatic rifle like an AR-15 that is simple to operate, easily accessorized for the individual user, reliable, and rugged. Liberals call these “assault rifles,” though they are not. Insisting that liberals be accurate when describing what they seek to ban is “gunsplaining,” a heinous macroaggression that is right up there with assuming someone’s gender on the Big List O’ Liberal Sins.

Kurt Schlichter makes a good case why you don’t want to be defenseless, and why an AR-15 is such a great defense tool.  Of course, if pepper spray will work by all means use it. But it might not work. An AR-15 will work, as a last resort when all else has failed to stop the bad guy who wants to hurt you and your family.

Kurt Schlicter writes so well, you should read the whole thing.

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