Kanye West and the liberal Democrat cult

The liberal Democrat cult? Yes, it’s a cult because they don’t let you leave once you’ve joined. If you try to leave they’re coming after you just like Scientology. When people leave it discredits the cult, so you have to be stopped or demonized if you try to leave. Kanye West is getting that treatment now because if he becomes the cause of too many black people beginning to question whether it makes sense to vote Democrat, well then that could spell the end. It’s said that when the Democrats fail to get at least 85% of the black vote they could never win another election. Danger signs abound, such as the number of black males that like Donald Trump doubled in a week. Kanye West had something to do with that. Kanye West committed one of the unforgivable sins, he quoted Thomas Sowell. OMIGOSH!

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