Kansas Senator Pat Roberts’ Sports Car

roberts sports carLast week I wrote about Dr. Milton Wolf’s primary challenge to Kansas Senator Pat Roberts, Sen. Pat Roberts getting “Lugared” by Milton Wolf. Dr. Wolf is attacking Roberts for failing to be a resident of Kansas because the Constitution requires Senators to be residents of the state they represent.

Now we find out that Roberts has his sports car registered in Virginia, where he sports a Virginia vanity license plate.

I’m a resident of two states myself. I know how to do it the right way even though I’m not a senator for either of them.  I have  a permanent place of abode in both states that only I and Mrs. TeeJaw occupy, neither is ever rented to anyone else, and we keep a car garaged in each state and registered in that state.  Roberts, it turns out, has been a Virginia resident for 47 years.  It’s not clear how he ever got elected as a Senator from Kansas.  He does own some property in Kansas, but it’s rented to someone else.  Roberts has never lived on it.  I own some vacant land in Florida (doesn’t everyone?).  I have to pay the higher rate of property taxes that Florida levies on non-residents.

There’s a colorful historic term for Senator Roberts, from the Reconstruction period after the Civil War.  It’s called carpetbagging.

Hillary Clinton actually did buy a mansion in New York (where’d she get that kind of money? Oh yeah, she wrote a book* nobody bought and got a $10 Million advance she didn’t have to pay back like a normal person would have) and they still call her a carpetbagger.

*Good work if you can get it. Hillary didn’t even write the book (It Takes a Village). it was ghost written by Barbara Feinman.  
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