Just 44,000 Votes Would Have Given Trump A Victory in 2020?

It is said that Biden won the 2020 election against Trump with just 44,000 votes more than Trump got. That there was election fraud and that it was massive is getting harder and harder for the Democrats to refute. The fraud occurred and that’s mostly fixed now and will be for sure before long.

While we don’t have the direct evidence yet, the circumstantial evidence is legion.

Many who don’t really know what they are talking about will tell you that circumstantial evidence is weak and without direct eye-witness evidence you can’t win. Oh, yeah? Almost all murder convictions are proved with mostly if not all circumstantial evidence. Why?

Because killers usually don’t carry out their evil acts in front of witnesses. Dog tracks in the snow are circumstantial evidence that a dog has walked by. Would anyone doubt it because no one saw a dog walk by?

DNA is circumstantial evidence until a witness testifies that the man identified by the DNA is the same man who raped her.

Circumstantial evidence can be powerful or weak. So can direct evidence. The witness who only saw the killer briefly as he ran out the door of the store he just robbed has direct evidence to present. He/she saw the killer/robber. The evidence they have is direct evidence. But it may also be too weak to persuade a jury. Eye witness identification made in the  heat of things is often unreliable. Way too many people have gone to prison for crimes they did not commit because a witness identified him/her but later it came to light that the witness was confused when making the identification. The real robber may not even resemble the innocent person who was convicted on the basis of very weak direct evidence.

Here is the circumstantial evidence that supports Trump’s claim that there was wide spread voter fraud. But don’t think for a minute that it’s just those 44,000 votes that caused all the trouble.

While it is the fraudulent 44,000 that made the difference in the election, the actual number of fraudulent votes had to be much higher. It is folly to believe that Biden had the same number of legitimate votes as Trump had when the polls closed and then suddenly another 44,000 votes were manufactured in order for Biden to win handily.

It took a lot more than 44,000 fraudulent votes for Biden to win. He had to be even with Trump until the fraud began for the 44,000 votes to have been the magic ones. We may never know just how many legal votes and how many fraudulent votes were in Biden’s pocket when the polls were supposed to close. We do know that Earlier in the evening Biden was not doing well. If no fraud had been introduced Biden would have surely lost, probably by a huge number of votes.

But the Fraudsters saw what was coming and took steps to prevent it. They must have seen a disaster for Biden was coming. So what happened? Suddenly votes for Biden in four states began going through the roof.  Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia suddenly began churning votes for Biden. A truck load of ballots from New York were delivered to Pennsylvania in the middle of the night. The Truck Driver has said as much, although he says he didn’t know what his cargo consisted of. It was a truck load of ballots all voting for Biden.

The GOP better wake up and make darn sure nothing of this sort happens in 2022 and 2024. One way is to make sure no more ballots are allowed to be received after the polls are legally supposed to close. That would be just one of several steps that need to be taken.  If the crooked dealers get away with this again in 2022 and/or 2024 it will be the end of the GOP which will never win another election. Exactly what Democrats are hoping for.

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