Jurors hear the voice of pure evil in courtroom

Jurors in the Arapahoe County, Colorado trial of mass killer James Holmes heard the voice of the defendant yesterday, likely the only time they will hear his voice, and it was the voice of pure evil.

Holmes killed 12 people and wounded 70 [an established fact he does not deny] in the Centennial Theater in Aurora, Colorado on July 20, 2012.  He has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.  It just might be his defense lawyers who have questionable sanity.

A court-appointed psychiatrist who examined Holmes has declared him to be sane.  Hours of tapes of the interview are being played for the jury. Yesterday they heard Holmes say in his own voice, “I knew it was legally wrong.”

He also said he viewed the attack as a mission, “to go to the theater and shoot as many people as possible.”

Holmes told psychiatrist Dr. William Reid that he believed killing others increased his self-worth. Holmes assigned one point for each person, so that by killing 12 people he added 12 points to his self-worth. The injured didn’t count. He said he regretted that people were wounded. He didn’t give himself any points for merely wounding someone.

I think his only regret is not getting any “points” for wounding people. His defense lawyers should immediately admit that he is not insane, and that he should be immediately executed, preferably by hanging by the neck until he is dead.  Dead and gone. His remains to be fed to hungry hyenas.

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