Judging the judges

In Court Proceedings the judge is addressed as “Your Honor.” Maybe it should be revised a bit. Maybe we should say, “Your honor, I presume.” Judges are flawed human beings like the rest of us. Anyone can have a dark side, even a judge. In fact, judging from the sort of rulings that we’ve seen from Federal District Judges so far against the Trump administration, judges may be even more flawed than the rest of us.

We all have faults but we keep them in check when the consequences would humiliate us or, worse, send us to hoosegow.  When consequences seem remote or non-existent is when human behavior really can get bad. Traditionally, judges have absolute immunity for mistakes or transgressions. Nothing happens to a judge who makes a purely political ruling based more on his or her personal politics than any semblance of the law.

Judges who have stepped in to block Trump from taking actions that the U.S. Constitution gives exclusively to the Executive branch are an example of judges acting like hooligans knowing they will face no repercussions. In fact, praise is heaped upon them by the liberal media and the left-wing establishment for their clearly unconstitutional rulings. It’s not unusual that the average Joe on the street might not care much about a judge ruling in contravention of what the Constitution mandates, but a judge is expected to uphold the law, even if the result is not to his or her personal preference.

Judges can engage in all sorts of low-life behavior without suffering much condemnation. Not so long ago a female justice on the Wisconsin Supreme Court actually struck a fellow judge in the head over a political disagreement. You probably haven’t heard anything about it. It wasn’t considered newsworthy by the liberal news outlets. I only know about it from listening to Mark Belling Radio show out of Milwaukee, which is available every day on iHeart Radio.

So I congratulate the Denver Post for this story is has just printed:

Colorado Supreme Court suspends appellate judge following sexual harassment complaint — A complaint alleges that Colorado Appeals Court Judge Laurie Booras called a fellow appeals court judge “the little Mexican”

When judges behave badly they should suffer the same consequences that anyone else would, of course. It’s a little worse, actually. We do address them as “Your honor” after all. We have a right to expect they will live up to that august moniker.

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