Judges in America Are Destroying Public Confidence In the Judiciary

Only a judge can dishonor the office. Those who don’t hold the office lack the ability to harm it. They can criticize the judicary but that does no harm. When a judge abuses his or her power and takes up partisan causes the reputation of the judiciary suffers. When the public no longer believes that a courtroom is a place where one will be treated fairly and honestly by an impartial judge, the sullied reputation of America’s courts will be complete. It will be thanks to the judges who disparage the honor of their oath to be and remain learned and impartial. It is what they do or don’t do that will determine, not what others say about them.

Now we have to wonder if some judges actually are using their power to assist illegal voting.

Hundreds Vote Illegally in North Carolina after Court Bans Election Integrity Law

The law in question required voters to present a photo identification, eliminated same-day registration, shortened the early voting period from 17 to 10 days and required voters to cast ballots in their own precinct. The 3-judge panel of the 4th Circuit struck down the law because, they said, the law harms black people. This is how judges ruin the reputation of the courts and call into question whether it is justice they pursue or simply down and dirty partisan politics. The idea the a black person cannot get a driver’s license or a state ID card is ridiculous. The idea that a black person cannot go the county clerk’s office and register to vote is an idiotic idea. The idea that a black person cannot wait 7 more days to early vote is crazy. If you say it is burdensome for a black person to vote in his or her own precinct, nobody with a lick of sense will believe you.

If you believe black people are so helpless and stupid they cannot do these simple things, you are a racist.

The reasons given by these judges can’t be anything they actually believe. They didn’t get through law school and achieve success as lawyers and later become judges by believing stupid things.

But they seem willing to make a decision they must know is stupid in order to reach the political outcome they prefer.

This is shameful. We no longer have representative democracy or a republic if judges are willing to shed their robes to cloak themselves in the garb of hack politicians. If we no longer have judges who believe elections should be fair and honest we no longer have a free country.

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