Judge Jeanine Piro — Americans Want the Truth

This is good, really good.

When she said, “The system doesn’t need to be fixed, your administration needs to be fixed,” I gave her a big smile. She’s exactly right. Blaming “the system” is a typical cop out used by the very people who caused every aspect of whatever problem is at hand. Blaming the system seems to be a universal conceit. Years ago I was on a Bar association committee to investigate what was wrong with the legal system and how to change it so it would work better. We might as well have been looking for a way to make pigs fly. When I suggested that it really didn’t matter what system was in place if the same people were going to be running it, I was hooted down.

Judge Jeanine is also right about how to investigate the IRS scandal. Start with the low level IRS employees and put them before a grand jury. They don’t want to take the heat by themselves and they will quickly start rolling over on their bosses. Then you do the same to the bosses and keep moving up the ladder.

For a brilliant read on how this works, take a look at Diary of a DA by Herbert J. Stern. IRS employees will be a cake walk compared to the gangsters Stern was dealing with. This will take a special prosecutor because no one in Eric Holder’s Justice Department has the heart for it.

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