Journalistas Protecting Obama

Michael Ramirez

Here is what Journalism has come to: Andrew Breitbart, Michele Malkin, The Daily Caller, conservative talk radio, conservative magazines, conservative books, conservative bloggers, conservative columnists, etc. are all trying to get more information out into the open where anybody can access it. Journalists, at least the 400 or so on the Journolist listserv, are scheming and conspiring with each other to prevent information from getting out.

It hasn’t always been this way. Back before reporters were called journalists, reporters were cynical and suspicious of everyone. They assumed everyone, especially politicians of any stripe, were crooks trying to scam the public. They approached their jobs with that attitude and the result was the public was better informed of what was going on, why certain strange things seemed to be happening, and what it all likely meant. But that changed when reporters became journalists mired in groupthink, chose sides, and started treating their chosen side as saints who can do no wrong and the other side as evil racists and criminals. It’s all one-sided now and the real chicanery goes by without being noticed by the “journalists.” We learn about it, if at all, from the new sources that have sprung up to compete with journalism.

UPDATE: It strikes me that the fawning protection Democrats get from journalistas has about the same effect as all the fawning attention women blessed with striking good looks get from men; it makes them dull.

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