Jordan Peterson is “interrogated” by Helen Lewis

This is really good, especially if you enjoy seeing Jordan Peterson make mincemeat out of a supercilious woman who blames men for every untoward thing on God’s green earth. Notice how Peterson’s hands remain calm as he speaks, while Helen Lewis’ hands generally fly around as she strives fecklessly to make a coherent statement.

She tried to take him out. It didn’t work.

This video is almost 2 hours long. I think that’s a feature more than a bug, but even if you can only watch a portion of it you will be glad you did (unless you’re a radical feminist man hater of course).

Helen Smith puts her leftist idiocy on display at about 32 minutes into the video, and Peterson takes her down for it. It’s delicious. Racial tensions increased under Obama and she blames white people for that. White people voted overwhelmingly for Obama in the hope that racial tension would finally be put to rest. They voted for Obama in hopes of showing they are not racist. It’s not their fault that Obama and his loyalist supporters didn’t want to see racial tension decline.

Things really get going at 39 minute mark. God, I love Jordan Peterson! It’s competence not power that propels people to success…yes, Helen you idiot!

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