Jordan Peterson and Camille Paglia in the verbal fast lane

This video is wonderful. The first 7 minutes 30 seconds has Jordan Peterson showing up Canadian politicians for their attempts for force feed Canadians with vacuous bromides for “discrimination.” But then, at about the 7:30 mark, is where the fun begins. Jordan Peterson and Camiile Paglia are capable of thinking fast and talking even faster. You have to listen with great effort but it’s worth it. It’s fascinating intelligent discourse.

Men can stand up to other men but cannot stand up to women in the same way. That’s forbidden and we’re all OK with that. So, sane women must speak out to their deranged sisters and tell to stop blaming men for their misery and unhappiness. Taking responsibility for oneself is the road to salvation.

If you found that discussion with Camille Paglia stimulating, here is the full 1 hour and 45 minutes of it.


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  • Israel Putnam

    Thank you. At roughly the 10 minute mark of the first video, Jordan Peterson talks about the inherent escalation of conflict pathway for men, and that belligerent women can cross clear boundaries that men understand may well produce a violent response—such as calling a man a “Nazi.” A man confronted in such a manner by a woman with no sense of the limits of conflict escalation is essentially immune from the clearly understood progression of conflict that men have been bound by for millennia. Brilliant.

    • I listened to that again, and yeah, it’s a brilliant insight. Women have the power of consent over men. They can use it for good or ill. Sane women are the only agent of control over their insane sisters.

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