Jonny Carson Interviews Ronald Reagan

The great majority of us today have no recollection of Johnny Carson and The Tonight Show which was “the” late night television show from 1962-1992. Before that it was the Jack Parr show. You’d have to be nearly as old as I am to have ever watched Parr. Anyway, both Parr and Carson were stellar performers of that genre of American television.

Jay Leno took the torch from 1992-2009, with a nine-month hiatus which began May 29, 2009 until production resumed on March 1, 2010. The Leno Show ended on February 6, 2014. Since then late night television has been gawd-awful and I don’t understand why it has any audience at all. Of course, most of its audience is made up of Millennials who likely have no or little reference to the greatness of Parr, Carson and Leno.

Here are two great videos that represent the greatness of that era which turned me into a night owl never going to bed before midnight:

Johnny Carson interviews Ronald Reagan:

Johnny Carson and Jack Webb — The “Copper Clapper Caper”

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