John McCain on the manner in which Obamacare was passed

If he’d fought Obama this hard in 2008 he’d probably be president today. Much as I want Obama to be sent back to Illinois, I’m still glad McCain is not president because if he were the conservative movement would be roadkill. This conclusion if based upon the premise that liberals can never kill the conservative movement, and in fact they breathe new life into conservatism every time they attack it. But Republicans and RINOS can destroy conservatism when they hold power. George W. Bush came close to doing just that. Perverse at it sounds, it was Obama that rescued it.

The problem with McCain is that although he can recognize the sleazy practices of Democrats in one instance, and forcefully denounce them as he does in this video, in the next minute he’ll be joining their ranks to cut deals with them to undermine his conservative brethren.

If McCain were not a war hero he’d have been cashiered out of politics long ago, in my humble opinion. In fact, given his penchant for betrayal of his supposed brothers and sisters I wonder what sort of warrior he really was. Warriors must not only be tough, they must be loyal to their fellow warriors. Knowing what we know of him since his entry into politics, I would not want to be pinned down in a foxhole with him, nor in a POW cell with him (I know, he refused release by North Vietnamese because they would not release others, but I’m suspicious — that story may be apocryphal). The analogy holds, I think, since politics is a form of war, just without real bullets. The aggressive win if they are loyal to the cause, the fickle and fainthearted lose.

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