John McCain Double Crossed His Own Voters

Here is an ad run by John McCain during his Senate re-election campaign in May, 2016:

On 2:30 AM Friday morning John McCain sold out his fellow Republicans and voted with Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski to tank the “skinny repeal” of Obamacare. So how does he square voting the same way Ann Kirkpatrick would have voted if she had been elected?

McCain lied to his voters when he said he wanted to stop Obamacare. He wants to be loved by Democrats and the media and that all he cares about. He’s never going to run for re-election again, so his mindset is screw the suckers in Arizona who voted for him.

One of the big problems he once said he cared about is the high insurance premiums that have resulted from the Obamacare regulations.  The bill he voted against in the wee hours of Friday morning would have reduced premiums for his Arizona constituents. Now that won’t happen, in fact premiums in Arizona are going to go even higher.

Same in the rest of the country.


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