John Hinckley released from mental hospital

Yesterday John Hinckley, the man who shot President Reagan in 1981, was released permanently by a Federal judge from St. Elizabeth mental hospital where he has been kept since his trial. I guess the judge found him “rehabilitated.”

From the Ricochet Daily Shot:

If you’re too young to know, on the afternoon March 30, 1981, Hinckley attempted to assassinate President Reagan outside the Washington Hilton. Reagan and three others were injured, Press Secretary Jim Brady, Secret Service agent Tim McCarthy, and DC police officer Thomas Delahanty. Brady was permanently disabled and when he died in 2014, the Virginia medical examiner ruled the death a homicide, caused by the wound Hinckley had inflicted decades before.

However, Hinckley was not tried for Brady’s death, because he had already been found not guilty of the shooting 30 years earlier because he was obviously crazy six ways from Sunday. (His “reason” for trying to kill Reagan is because he thought it would impress Jodie Foster.)

The Hinckley saga illustrates why the Washington DC court system should be disbanded and abolished. It is simply not possible for anyone to get a fair trial in that town. It is not possible to impanel an unbiased jury. The pool of people from which to select a jury is never going to contain even one or two fair-minded people, let alone twelve. It matters not whether the trial involves Democrats or Republicans. If the fate of some Democrat is on the line a Washington DC jury will free him or her. If the fate of some Republican is on the line, or if the fate someone who shot a Republican is on the line, the jury is going to accept whatever silly argument his lawyers want to give them. “Just give us something we can use to let this guy go because we hate the person he shot,” is what happened in the Hinckley trial in 1981.

The very reason Hinckley gave for shooting Reagan is all the proof needed to show that he was not legally insane.

If he shot President Reagan because he thought it would impress Jody Foster then he’s a whack job for sure, but he’s not crazy. His motive shows that he knew what he was doing. He knew he was shooting the President of the United States. He knew it was wrong. He did it anyway, as all criminals do. They all do what they know is wrong. They don’t care that it’s wrong. That is what makes them criminals. Just because that have a motive that seems crazy to the rest of us does not make them legally insane. Legal insanity exists when one does know what one is doing and does not know or appreciate the consequences of his actions.

Hinckley intentionally caused massive life-altering destruction to many people on that day. James Brady lived with his injuries for another 30 years, condemned to a hard life by John Hinckley. He was never tried for that crime because he had already been found insane, under a phony standard of insanity that would make a large slice of America legally insane.

If Hinckley had shot a Democrat president a Washington DC jury would have been found him guilty and the judge would have sent him to prison for the rest of his miserable life. For a Democrat victim they would have upheld the rule of law. A Republican president couldn’t get that deal. Not in that town.

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