Joe Biden Becomes Crook in Chief

Will we ever be able to vote again? Even if we are able to cast votes, will our vote mean anything? We have just been witness to an elaborate steal of a presidential election. President Trump won the election in a landslide, and then had his win stolen from him. If this stands then we the people have lost our country. We the people have been shown the door, crooked Democrats are now in control without our consent. We have shown that we have no voice in our government anymore. We are no longer a Republic of the people, by the people and for the people. We now have a dictatorship of the crooks, by the crooks and for crooks.

72 million Americans voted for President Trump. They have been disenfranchised by the crooks who stole the election for Joe Biden, a very corrupt man. His family is essentially a gang of crooks. That gang of crooks, not us, is going to be in charge of our county. Yes, our country is now in the hands of a crime family.

The chief crook had the audacity to claim that he won be receiving 81,000 million legal votes. We know better. We know that we have to out of our minds to believe Biden actually won those votes legally.  He did not. The majority of those votes were made fraudulent by people voting several times with mail-in ballots, ballots being generated in the dark of night after the polls were closed, and Dominion voting machines programmed to switch Trump votes to Biden.

Biden gave his victory speech last night. It consisted of little more than an upraised middle finger to America.

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