How James Woods Became a Gun Toting Conservative

This is how a lot of people come to realize how vulnerable they are to criminals. My experience was a little different but molded my thinking in the same way. In my case a citizen with a gun came to me rescue. My attackers never displayed a gun, but the disparity of force was about 10 to 1. I was the one. The attackers were a gang of black teenagers. My savior simply presented a gun and shouted at the thugs who were about to do me in. What I saw next was remarkable. They all ran away. No shots were fired.

This occurred in the 1700 block of Lincoln Street in Denver in the early 1990s. I was walking back to my office about 7:00 PM after a workout at the YMCA, as I had done about 300 times before. It was winter so it was dark by then. This venue has never been considered to be an area where muggings occur, and it still isn’t as far as I can tell.

It can happen anywhere. I immediately applied for a CCW permit, which were discretionary before 2003, so I wasn’t sure I’d get it. In fact I didn’t at that time but did get it later when a new sheriff was elected to the County where I live.

I also gave up that office for one out in the suburbs. The streets of Denver are less safe than they were then, and with Colorado now a solid blue state things will continue to decline. Even faster I predict. Progressives and criminals share a similar outlook. They both think they’re entitled to your money.

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