James O’Keefe outs another Democrat liar misleading his constituents to get re-elected

Alison Grimes of Kentucky is well known for her lies about her support for the Kentucky coal industry. She says she will do all she can to protect coal in Kentucky. She’s been exposed as lying all along to get elected. Once in office she will join Obama in his attempt to destroy the coal industry. If she were honest about that she’d have no chance of getting elected in Kentucky.

Rush Limbaugh famously says that Democrats in general cannot tell voters what the really want to do once in office because they could never win an election if they did. Lying is therefore just the normal course for Democrats in order to win.

Now Mark Pryor of Arkansas is also exposed as lying about his stance on gay marriage. He’s for it but is trying to trick voters into believing he supports traditional marriage because gay marriage is a political loser in Arkansas.

Here is the undercover video that James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas Action team has produced on Mark Pryor:

If you think it’s wrong for politicians to lie to the voters you should never vote for any Democrat. It’s not that no Republican ever lies, but they are much more likely to get caught because the media will do its job where Republicans are concerned. We don’t need an undercover team to discover Republicans who lie, the media will do that. But the media gives Democrats a pass because in reality they’re just an arm of the Democrat party. Therefore, we know what Democrats are lying about only when it’s discovered by James O’Keefe. Of course, it’s now to the point that we might just as well assume they’re lying whenever their lips are moving. That’s certainly the case with Barack Obama.

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