Jacksonville Landing is a sitting duck zone

History is not just one damn thing after another. When stupid people allow it, history is the same damn thing happening over and over again.

Rules of Conduct at Jacksonville Landing: Rule E.b. — Possession of a weapon, even if legally carried (except by law enforcement officers) is absolutely prohibited on Landing property.

You see, they did everything they possibly could have done to prevent something like what happened yesterday, when some disgruntled participant, upset over losing a game, pulled out a gun and started shooting. “This guy broke our rules! All this is on him, not us!”  That’s not what they actually said, but that’s what they might as well have said.

Fortunately, he only killed three people before he shot himself. We can be grateful (in general, not to him) that he also killed himself so we don’t have to deal with him and support his miserable life for the next 60 years or so.

From Breitbart:

Constitutional attorney Mark W. Smith, author of #Duped: How the Anti-gun Lobby Exploits the Parkland Shooting, and How Gun Owners Can Fight Back, observed, “‎I am sure the anti-gunners will yet again Blame the Gun, and then claim all law-abiding gun owners are to blame. Isn’t that interesting. When an Islamic Terrorist blows up something, we are told that not all Muslims are terrorists. When an illegal immigrant kills a young American student, we are told not all illegal immigrants from Mexico are killers. Yet when a crazy violent psycho shoots someone with a gun, then all gun owners and the NRA (and it’s members) are to blame and should be punished.  It is a clear double standard.”

Any place where large gatherings of people occur and which is also a so-called ”gun-free zone should be considered too dangerous for a normal person to be. Maybe someday, at a time when stupid people are in the extreme minority, there will be no gun-free zones for those who have passed an FBI background check and received firearm training. That will be the day when those good people will be recognized for their role as the sheep dogs and not as the wolves.

“Good people,” you say? Yes, people who have concealed carry permits have been consistently shown to be the most law-abiding people in the U.S. population. This is borne out over and over by statistics kept by state governments on their duly licensed citizens.

When that day comes the gun-free zone signs can be taken down and a new sign put up, such as this one:

Text Box: Because the police are minutes away when seconds count, citizens with concealed carry Permits are welcome here.



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