Israeli Defense Force Elite Snipers

There are two elite snipers from the Israeli Defense Force in this photo.  Can you spot them, before they shoot you?  They are not pointing their rifles at you, at least not yet.  These guys have extensive training in how to blend into their surroundings, but they nevertheless present anomalies in the landscape, and that is what you are looking for.  Hint:  There are some completely black areas in the photo below which might be caves.  That is not where they are.  Click photos to enlarge.

If you’ve given up you can scroll down for assistance.



If you are a hiker or climber in the area of Northwest Wyoming, Idaho and Montana, learning to spot these anomalies is essential to avoiding dangerous grizzly bear or moose encounters.  The bear and the moose also have extensive training from mother nature in the art of blending into the landscape, especially moose since they often stand perfectly still as you approach.

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