Is this what Obama wants? Apparently it is.

The video below from a Hannity segment on Fox News shows a steady stream of illegals caught on a rancher’s hidden camera. Some are carrying large bundles of marijuana, some are armed, and the stream seems endless. Obama has ordered ICE and the border patrol not to cooperate with local law enforcement because…why? Because he sees this as a procession of Democrat voters, illegal voters at that. He must figure there are enough illegals that he doesn’t need Americans anymore. Can Mexico elect our president?

Everyone of the people on this trail is violating our federal laws. But Obama is not letting our federal government enforce those laws. So Arizona said they would help the feds, but now Obama has ordered ICE and the border patrol to stand down, and not to cooperate with Arizona law enforcement. Arizona is being overrun, and Obama thinks that is just fine.

Is he also satisfied with the number of Phoenix cops that have been murdered by illegals? Or with the growing number of kidnapping crimes in and around Phoenix perpetrated by illegals? I guess so. After all, he told Arizona to drop dead.

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