Inside the mind of a congenital liar

The video below of Chris Wallace interviewing Hillary Clinton yesterday on Foz News Sunday is nothing less than stunning, but not in the good way that word is normally used. This video could be used in Medical schools as a training aid for future psychiatrists. In this video Hillary Clinton demonstrates that she is indeed the congential liar that William Safire said she was in his memorable 1996 essay, Blizzard of Lies. Hillary gives us an inside look at the how mind of a congenital liar works.

A congential liar preceives and remembers events much differently than normal people do. What happened in the past is remembered in a fluid sense that can be manipulated and changed to suit the needs of the present. What a congential liar hears when others speak about her is whatever she wants to hear, not what actually was said. At about the 3:45 minute mark in the video, Chris Wallace played video clips of Hillary’s past statements about her email scandal. Then Wallace said, “After extensive investigation FBI director James Comey said none of that is true.” Hillary replied, “Chris, that’s not what I heard…”

Exactly. We all heard what James Comey actually said. Hillary the congenital liar heard just what she wanted to hear, nothing less and nothing more.

Watch the whole 13 minutes, it’s instructional in how a deranged brain can assort bad facts into an affirmative defense of wrongdoing. The facial expressions are classic tell tale signs of shameless deception.

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