Inscription On Tombstone In Kansas

I wanted to find out if these images are authentic or photoshopped:

This Tombstone appears to have an inscription on the right side.

And this is the inscription:

Is this real or fake? Where is it? Well, I tried to find out. Here is what I found:

From the New York Times May 15, 1898: He Died A Partisan

Notice that the above article is dated at least 8 years after Mr. Grigsby died. That could be explained by the claim that his heirs could not inherit under his will unless this inscription was placed on his tombstone, but why did they wait 8 years?

At any rate, here is a little more evidence that this is an actual tombstone in Attica Cemetery, Harper County, Kansas and not just a photoshopped image:

Nathaniel Grigsby, Friend of Abe Lincoln

April 16, 1890-Democrats Future Was Already Known: Disastrous

Tombstone Tuesday-Nathaniel Grigsby

It appears this is real tombstone marking the life of a man who was prophetic in his death. And inscriptions of the decedent’s political aspirations on grave markers may have been common in this time period. Karl Marx was buried in Highgate Cemetery, London, on March 17, 1883. Here is his tombstone, bearing the inscription: WORKERS OF ALL LANDS UNITE

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