Innovators Going John Galt — The Wages of Government Sin

Envy of what others have created, manifested as an “entitlement attitude” has to be the most destructive force on earth. It not only destroys what others have created but also the hopes and dreams of those who covet what they have not produced. They who insist that others pay for their stuff by providing them with “affordable housing” or “benefits” in the form of endless unemployment checks, food stamps, and welfare without end, destroy their own happiness in the process. A mooch unwittingly denies himself the satisfaction of personal achievement, without which he cannot flourish.

People who have made a success of their lives are the most generous. They are willing to help others in need, in fact gain personal gratification from doing it. When its voluntary it helps both parties to the transaction. When it’s forced by the government it wreaks havoc on both and wrecks the social bonds that would otherwise exist. Walter E. Williams says, “While it is admirable to reach into one’s own pocket to help someone in need, it is despicable to reach into someone’s else’s pocket to help a needy person, and deserves condemnation.”

These two books tell the story of how government-forced charity enables the worst aspects of human nature:

I Am John Galt: Today’s Heroic Innovators Building the World and the Villainous Parasites Destroying It

Makers and Takers: Why conservatives work harder, feel happier, have closer families, take fewer drugs, give more generously, value honesty more, are less materialistic and envious, whine less, end even hug their children more than liberals

A little know book by Alexis de Tocqueville, written in 1845, explains how private charity helps those in need without destroying their personal ethics or tearing down the world others have created.

MEMOIR ON PAUPERISM: Does Public Charity Produce an Idle and Dependent Class of Society?

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