Indiana Republican Will Resign Over Sex Scandal

Indiana Republican Mark Souder with resign his seat in Congress effective Friday after revelation that he has been having an affair with a staffer. Souder has been a vocal advocate for abstinence-only education to control teen pregnancy, he is opposed to gay marriage, and touts “family values.”

OK, he’s a scumbag. This is not a defense of married politicians with kids at home having affairs with staffers. But the liberal media with help from libertarians as well will of course have a hay day with this because Souder is not only a philanderer but also a hypocrite and a Republican. The aim of the liberals and libertarians is not just Souder but also the values he has advocated. In their minds, his personal moral failure discredits not just him, but also the values he has claimed to stand for.

That’s what passes for critical thinking on the part of liberals, and sorry to say, libertarians as well. Since both camps always disagreed with the values Souder claimed to care about, this is an opportunity to censure not only him but all of his ideas as well.

It works in mirror image form as well. A Democrat having an affair with a staffer hardly makes the news. Democrats aren’t hypocrites when the have extra-marital affairs. That don’t claim to having any conflicting values, so they get a pass. If anyone suggests there might be something wrong with such conduct they are dismissed as tiresome prudes.

Hypocrisy apparently is a much worse sin than philandering and cheating on one’s spouse. So long as one does not claim to be pure license is given to behave like an alley cat.

A critical thinker will judge the ideas one espouses on their own merit. That the advocate is an imperfect human being and does not manage to live up to the values he claims to hold reflects on his character, not the values.

Like a good crisis, a fallen Republican is an opportunity not to be wasted.

Is it the same thing when Republicans hail evidence that Democrats don’t live up to their claims to be the party of the little guy? There is a difference. Democrats are using the little guy tactic to raise taxes and increase government in every nook and cranny of our lives and telling us it for our own good. If they are lying about that and really doing it all to advance their own interests and not ours, that’s a pretty rotten form of hypocrisy and one that has a devastating affect on the well being of those they claim to be trying to help. Witness the damage done to Black American family structure by the Democrat’s “War on Poverty.” A Republican caught having an affair with a staffer doesn’t seem to rise to that level.

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