In Case You Missed Lisa Murkowski’s Whine Fest On CNN Yesterday


Murkowski says she is trying to represent the values of the people of Alaska. Psssst, Lisa. It wasn’t Jim Demint who decided you weren’t conservative enough. It was the Republican voters in the primary who decided that. They’re the people you claim to represent. They don’t want you representing them anymore. That’s why you lost. Get over it.

Murkowski comes across as angry and unattractive in this interview. That style probably won’t work with Alaska voters, except the ones attached to a teat on the combine. Candy Crowley does a terrific job with some tough questions. That’s unusual for CNN, hope she doesn’t get fired. Murkowski, being a RINO, is just the sort of Republican CNN likes, especially when they criticize other Republicans.

Scroll down to see also, “Murkowski Tries To Save The Combine,” below.

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