How to improve your golf game — and both of our lives

Let Hank Haney show you how to fix your slice, for good. It will improve your game, both your score and your enjoyment of golf. Since I live on the golf course, the one below those mountains in the header at the top of this page, it will also improve my life. The only downside is that I’ll have less money. You see, you bad slicers have been giving up so many balls to my yard (which I keep) that I’ve started a little business in slightly used golf balls. I sell them by the bucket. Lots of heartache and tears for you slicers in each one of those buckets.

So please, end the heartache for yourselves and the extra money for me.  You’ll have extra money because you won’t be losing so many balls.  Just click the link above and let Hank Haney fix your slice, for good.  It’s free.

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