“I’m Mad Too, Eddie”

“I’m Mad Too, Eddie,” was a popular bumper sticker from the late 1970’s, along with the “misery index,” the sum of the rate of inflation and the unemployment rate. Maybe the interest rate as well. This was the Jimmah Carter era of stagflation, i.e., high unemployment and high inflation simultaneously. Eddie Chiles was all over the radio in those days with his opening line of “I’m Eddie Chiles and I’m mad as hell and I’m not taking it anymore.”

Eddie Chiles died in 1993 but his bumper stickers or similar ones may be coming back. A new Rasmussen Poll finds that voters are madder than ever at the current policies of the federal government. The poll shows that 75% of likely voters now say they are angry at the government’s current policies.

Sounds right to me, since the current policies threaten… let’s see, our health care, our prosperity, our republican form of government, our liberty, our hope for the future of our children, our retirement, our security from crazed Islamic killers, our competitiveness in the global economy, …I could think of more, but I gotta go.

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