I’m Gonna Tell That To The Devil When I — See Him Today…

I grew up with Paul Harvey on the radio at noon every day. I always looked forward to, “the rest of the story.” The rest of the story was the conclusion of it, what it meant, the part the rest of media left out. Paul Harvey died in 2009 but his daily radio commentary ended several years before that. Rush Limbaugh serves the same purpose today with his version of the rest of the story, which he calls “doing what the rest of the media used to do” or “should be doing.”

Here is a bit of nostalgia, Paul Harvey telling us what he would do to destroy America, “If I were the devil.”

Paul Harvey labored under the “unfairness doctrine” that required radio to give equal time to anyone who disagreed with their political commentary. Giving “equal time” for dissenting opinion was too much of a hassle and radio stations* just played music and broadcast sports games. Paul Harvey’s 5-6 minutes a day was about all they would broadcast in order to avoid having to give away free air time in massive amounts. The unfairness doctrine was repealed by Congress in the 1980s and that gave birth to Rush Limbaugh and conservative talk radio. As a result there is more, like tons and tons more, diversity of opinion in the media today. Of course, the liberal media, the old media of AP and TV networks, hates that. They lost their monopoly on what we are allowed to hear or read in the daily news fare.

*The “fairness doctrine” never applied to television.

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