If the Democrats believe the 2020 election was free and fair then why are they so sensitive about it?

Democrats go ballistic if anyone suggests that the 2020 election might have been riddled with fraud. They accuse us of creating “The Big Lie.” They also threaten us to varying degrees from name calling to physical assault.

If you are accused of something you know you did not do, you don’t go off your rocker if someone wants to investigate the matter, do you? No, it would raise a cloud of suspicion. Why would you want that if you know you did nothing wrong? If you know that an investigation will find nothing, why would you be so adamantly against it? Wouldn’t you rather have the investigation go forward if you sincerely believe it will exonerate you? Would not the investigation expose your accusers, all to your delight?

Donald Trump was under investigation for supposedly colluding with Russia from 2016-2018. He knew he had done no such thing. He knew what the outcome of the investigation was going to be. He was right, the Mueller investigation, after 2 years and 40 million dollars, found nothing to support collusion.

Trump often denied any collusion, but he never tried to shut down the investigation. He could have fired Robert Mueller as special counsel. He didn’t do that because he knew that would raise suspicion that he did so because he knew iMueller would find evidence that would condemn him. He wisely waited until Mueller had no choice but to admit he had no evidence of Trump/Russia collusion. Thus, Trump was completely exonerated.

It seems to me that the Democrats would welcome an investigation into the 2020 election if they believed there was no fraud and that an investigation would embarrass their accusers. This is especially so because the accusers are many. The Democrats must not believe that no fraud occurred. They must believe there was fraud that an investigation would expose.  They must have guilty knowledge about the election that they desperately want kept hidden from public view. I call  that a clue.

As Queen Gertrud in Hamlet says,  “Me thinks the lady doth protest too much.” Me thinks the Democrats doth protest too much.

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