If the choice comes down to either Hillary or Trump, the only good news is that one of them will lose

So says Jacob Sullum at Reason.com:

Since Trump has never held public office and seems to have few firm beliefs about anything aside from his own unparalleled competence, it’s hard to predict what he would do as president. Clinton, by contrast, has a long, almost uniformly awful record of public service. Whether Americans decide to be stabbed in the stomach or shot in the kneecaps, the consequences will be painful.

Sully, like most libertarians, doesn’t like Trump’s idea of building a wall on the U.S./Mexico border. I assume Sullum is advocating for an open border with Mexico.  So is Obama. That idea increasingly deserves the crackpot label.

But I agree that if the choice comes down to Hillary or Trump, America’s future is going to be grim. The same can be said for all the other choices except the one most like Ronald Reagan, and that’s Ted Cruz.

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