If Hydroxychoroquine had been readily used the Covid crisis would be over by now

This is a re-post from July 31st. This time I am completely vindicated in my thesis that if Hydroxy Chloroquine [HCQ] had been used from the outset of the pandemic, as it was in several areas of Europe, we might be over the pandemic by now or at least on the way to herd immunity which is the  only thing that stops pandemics. HCQ has saved many lives in Europe while health professionals and others were claiming it was a dangerous drug that will kill people. This even though HCQ has been successfully used for all sorts ailments over the last 60 some years.

When Trump took HCQ for two weeks Neil Cavuto on Fox went apocalyptic in a shouting episode claiming that Trump was playing a dangerous game. He said or at least implied we should get ready for a state funeral.  Harvey Risch, M.D., Ph.D., is a professor of epidemiology at Yale School of Public Health . He wrote on August 14, 2020 that HCQ is safe and effective.

UPDATE: More awakening on Hydroxychoroquine — Follow the Money — I am more and more being vindicated with my thesis that HCQ is downplayed because Big Pharma doesn’t want it competing with new and more expensive drugs. See: Why are Medical Authorities Playing Games With Covid Treatments.

Here’s the worst part, these new drugs may have been rolled out too fast. Many are not living up to Authorities’ wild expectations.  The drug companies stand to profit by keeping HCQ out of the competition. That is why they want us to believe HCQ doesn’t work, or that it has dangerous side affects. It does work and it’s side affects are minimal and for the most part harmless. It has 65 years under its belt with no repercussions. It’s a safe drug.

What a tragedy if some patients end up dying because they were not allowed to get HCQ which might have saved their lives.


As of now my thesis on HCQ is thoroughly vindicated, not only by lots of doctors and epidemiologists but by the CDC as well. We can now expect to see lot of old people getting cured instead of dying.

Here is what I wrote back on July 31, 2020:

Why is Hydroxychorloquine (HDQ) so vilified? Almost every study claiming it’s useless or dangerous has been debunked and withdrawn. Only a few useless outliers remain. Dozens if not thousands of physicians who have treated Covid patients around the world have praised the drug for it’s ability to keep people alive who would otherwise have surely died. HCQ is an old drug in use for more than 50 years. It’s safety has been well established.

So what gives? Here is what gives.

Money. Yes, it’s not about safety and efficacy. It’s about money. Being an old drug out of patent, any pharmaceutical company can make it and sell it. Being that any company that makes and sells HCQ will have plenty of competition, the price of the drug would remain low making it affordable to just about anyone. You’d think that alone would make the drug popular with Covid patients. But that’s not the case, mainly because HCQ has been so demonized.

Just who it is that is demonizing it tells us a lot. It’s mainly companies who would be in competition with HCQ. That would make it difficult for those companies to sell their drugs at the high price they need to recover the enormous costs they have incurred to develop new drugs for Covid.

So, are we supposed to feel sorry for those companies who stand to lose big time if they were forced to compete with HCQ? No, we are not. They always knew what they were doing. They knew that HCQ is cheap, safe and highly effective. So why didn’t they just make a lot of HCQ and sell it?

It’s easy to know why they weren’t interested in that option. Because they had no patent on the drug they would face stiff competition resulting in a market price way below what they can get if they could successfully convince the public that HCQ is useless and possibly dangerous. They’ve been successful in the drive to brand HCQ as wicked.

Covid patients can easily be persuaded not to chance it. The demonization of HCQ has exended to a demonization of doctors who use and swear by it. The drug companies have persuaded pharmacists to deny filling prescriptions for HCQ if it’s for use on Covid patients.

This is so sad. HCQ would likely have ended the Covid monster by now if it had been widely used not only to treat Covid patients who are infected, but also others who are not yet infected because HCQ shows signs of being effective as a prophylactic as well as a valuable treatment.

As always, when something doesn’t make sense, follow the money and you won’t go far wrong.

Big Tech is working hard to prevent you from learning anything positive about HCQ

Well, now it is Big Tech that has some “splaining” to do.

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