Identity Politics Was a Loser for Hillary and the Democrats

Yes, it was a loser because divide and conquer is a war-wining strategy but not an election winning strategy.  To win a national election you need support from all quarters, not just those you have lauded and praised. The people you have insulted and disparaged, the so-called “deplorables” in Hillary speak, won’t vote for you.

Callers to the Rush Limbaugh show frequently ask what message the GOP should speak to black Americans to win their vote. Rush usually gives the same answer. He counsels the GOP to have a message for all Americans, not to craft a message ofr each subset of Americans. Have a plan to elevate everyone, not one group over the another. I beleive that’s right. You win more applause when you preach togetherness than when you sew division.  Democrats are stuck with their incessant attacks on everything white as evil and racist. Hatred is the central component of their anti-hatred talk.

I’m Scot-Irish and proud of it. I have reason to be, all of America’s wars have been fought and won by the Scot-Irish. My group includes World War I hero Alvin York, World War II most decorated soldier Audie Murphy, General George Patton, and Ronald Reagan, the best President of the 20th Century after Calvin Coolidge.

I’d be a fool to argue that being Scot-Irish is superior in any way to other ethnic groups. The Scot-Irish are mostly drunks who like to fight. They’ve been run out of every place they’ve ever tried to inhabit, first from Scotland then Ulster and finally Boston. The signs that said “Dogs and Irish keep off the grass” were meant for the Scot-Irish, not the Boston Brahmin Catholic Irish (think Kennedys). The only place the Scot-Irish have been acccepted is Appalachia’s hillbilly mountains where a whole lot of them live today. That’s mostly because nobody else wants to live there.

For all their faults, the Scot-Irish are survivors. Some, like Ronald Reagan and the war heros mentioned above, have been able to turn their fighting spirit into a force for good not just for themselves but for their fellow man as well. To keep them from getting too overweening, God invented alcohol. Soldiers and cops and lawyers and plumbers are necessary things and the Scot-Irish shine in those roles. At least when they’re sober.

That they aren’t celebrated and pandered to by politicians has been good for them. Being left to their own talents has helped them stay self-reliant and rugged individuals who don’t think of themselves as a victim group.  The indentity politics played by Democrats hurts those to whom that sort of attention is paid by keeping them in low spirits believing the world is against them. It may get Democrats their votes for a while but the last election has shown it’s not enough when the rest of us figure out that we’re being singled out for ridicule we don’t deserve. The Democrats have convinced minority groups that we did something to hold them back, when it is their own self-appointed benefactors doing exactly that.

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