Ice T defends the 2nd Amendment — I think

Says he will give up his gun when everyone else does the same. Not me, in a pre-Samual Colt world without six-shooters the physically strong could easily exploit the physically weak. In today’s world if there were no guns any 17-year old with a box cutter could force his will on you, unless of course, you are a skilled knife fighter. A world without guns is a much more violent world.

Not sure what Ice T means about justice and “stolen land” at the end. It might be a reference to America supposedly being “stolen” from the Indians. In so, then I guess all of the earth is stolen land and the first Black people who migrated out of Africa, the ancestors of us all, were the first land thieves.

Also, while Ice T says we need guns to protect ourselves from the police, I’d say we need guns to protect ourselves from the government, specifically from politicians. See Suzanna Gratia Hupp in the post immediately below.

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