I Told You So

Two items I blogged on in the past are back in the news.

The first involves Penn State’s Michael Mann, the creator of the infamous Hockey Stick graph which purports to show relatively stable global temperatures until the 20th Century. The graph was constructed by trickery and deceit to bolster Mann’s argument that man-made global warming is occurring. The graph exaggerates actual warming and isolates it to recent years to lend credence to the theory that human activity is the cause. In reality the earth has warmed and cooled in the past and during periods when no human activity could possibly have contributed to it. I also said that Mann may be facing legal problems if he used taxpayer funds derived through Government grants to perpetrate a hoax. See Penn State Students Call For Independent Investigation of Michael Piltdown Mann and The Hockey Stick Legal Troubles.

John Hinderaker at Powerline Blog writes that Michael Mann may indeed be facing legal scrutiny for his Hockey Stick trickery. It is a Federal crime to make fraudulent misrepresentations to the Government to obtain scientific grants. However, the Federal government is not the one calling at the moment. Since the current leadership of the Federal government is pretty much in on the scam it’s not too likely that Mann needs to worry on that front quite yet. But state governments can also make claims for fraudulent claims to taxpayer money and it appears the State of Virginia has issued a subpoena to the University of Virginia relating to work Mann did there before he moved to Penn State.

The second “I told you so” relates to my previous post about the possibility that Obama may have designs on your 401K. In Obama and the Democrats Are Coming For Your 401K I wrote back on February 21st that the enormous amount of money Americans have in their 401K plans has attracted Government attention. In Are the Feds Trying to Nationalisze Your Retirement Savings?, John Hinderaker at Powerline Blog says the Government is now talking about a new program called “Guaranteed Retirement Accounts,” or GRAs. Of course, GRAs will be sold as the best thing since sliced bread but that will be a subterfuge for the Government to seize your 401K and give you a lifetime annuity in exchange. An annuity that may or may not be as attractive and competitive with one you could purchase on your own. Probably not.

George Bush was demonized for suggesting that part of social security be privatized. Not only are Democrats dead set against allowing Americans to gain more control over their own retirement by privatizing a portion of Social Security, they have their greedy designs on the part of your retirement that is already private, wanting to make it part of Social Security. Why? Because the Government has already spent all the money that is supposed to be in the Social Security Trust Fund and sees the bundle sitting in 401K plans in the same way that a hungry wolf sees a moose.

A GRA will be a lifetime annuity that expires when you die, so nothing left to leave to your children. Nationalizing your 401K gives the Government an incentive in you dying, preferably the next day after you begin drawing your GRA. The death panels in Obamacare combined with giving you a GRA for your 401K will be a wonderful vehicle for the Government to cash in on your early demise.

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