“I Have a Dream Today”

” I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. I have a dream today!”

Alas, Martin Lurther King’s dream that he described in a speech delivered 50 years ago today from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial before an audience of 200,000 people, both black and white, has fizzled. America is not a nation where MLK’s four children are judged by the content of their character.  It is still the color of their skin by which they are seen. It is still the color of their skin that is the most important thing about them.  It is still the color of their skin that matters most because so many of the people MLK spoke to that day were not ready to allow the color of their skin to become an immaterial matter.  They were never going to allow that to be because as it turns out, keeping the importance of skin color was going to be a path to wealth and power for so many of them.  MLK had no idea, but a lot of black people didn’t share his dream.   At least not after they realized keeping the focus on one’s skin color was going to be worth a lot more than allowing attention to ever be directed to the content of their character.

Once it was discovered how easy it would be to deflect any question of one’s character or actions by labeling it as racist, skin color was going to remain preeminent.

The content of Jesse Jackson’s character or Al Sharpton’s character would never have propelled them to the vaulted positions they hold today.  The content of Barack Obama’s character alone would not have earned him a dime or dare say even a modicum of respect.  Without an emphasis on skin color and “playing the race card” none of these three nor countless others would have risen to anything near the positions they hold today.

This political sickness has a deleterious effect on the lives of many blacks in America who have not trafficked in racial politics but have relied solely upon the content of their character to get ahead.  Many black men and women who have achieved success solely on the basis of their intelligence and hard work, people such as Clarence Thomas, Condolezza Rice, Judge Janice Rodgers Brown, Thomas Sowell, Dr. Ben Carson, and scores of others, are routinely demeaned and demonized by liberals both black and white and by the partisans in the American media.  Black school children who study hard for good grades are denounced as “acting white.”

We live in a country where racial division is sown by so-called black leaders in order to enhance and maintain their power and wealth.  MLK’s four little children have grown up in a country that, with a yearning for “hope and change” in their hearts, many white people voted to elect the first black president in the belief that racial strife would finally be put aside and America would never again be labeled a racist country.

But too many powerful and wealthy blacks in America, including that black president, don’t want that day to come.  Too many white liberals agree with them.  They don’t want racial division to go away, they don’t want a country where all people are judged by the content of the character, they want a country where the race card can be played ad infinitum to enhance and hold onto their power and wealth.  They don’t want a country where wealth and power must be earned, they want a country where a black president can use the wealth of the American people to buy votes and voters and win elections by giving people food stamps, direct welfare, and cell phones.  They want to continue the nightmare of black violence which stymies the hopes and dreams of the many black people who are victims of massive black on black crime, and the smaller but growing number of white people who are victims of black hate crimes against them.

Sorry, Dr. King.  Nothing has turned out the way you dreamed it would.  Wherever you are today on this anniversary of your beautiful speech, a speech that was said to have changed hearts and minds by the millions, you must be deeply saddened.  It appears the people you were addressing only thought they were ready to embrace that dream.  Experience has proven otherwise.  They found an easier way and they made an easier choice.

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