Injustice fueled by hysteria on campus

It’s actually worse than this: On Campus, Rape Accusations Treated at “Guilty Until Proved Innocent.

Imagine that you’re a young man in college, eager to get the education you’ve been told your whole life was necessary for any degree of success. Then, there’s a knock on your dorm room door. It turns out that a girl you know has accused you of raping her. You know you didn’t do anything wrong, but the campus police don’t seem to be particularly interested in your protestations of innocence. It’s clear from the start that the police don’t seem interested in right or wrong, only in making sure you get punished.

Sounds terrifying, right? It’s also far too likely to happen now that several campuses are adopting something called a “victim-centric” approach to investigating rape accusations.

It’s even worse than “guilty until proved innocent” if you’re not allowed to prove your innocence. “Victim centric” seems to mean that fragile young ladies must not be made to offer any facts to prove their accusation and accused young men must not be allowed to offer any proof that would exonerate them. So it’s not guilty until proved innocent, it’s guilty upon accusation.

I’m glad I went to college 40 years ago when some semblance of sanity still existed on campus. I’m thankful I don’t have a son in college.

What will college administrators do to satisfy their egoistic craving for draconian punishment of innocents when there are no men in college anymore?

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