Huge gulf between what the public believes to be true and what is actually true

Is this a true statement?: The number of guns in America, especially AR-15 rifles, has risen dramtically over the last 20 years, and the homicide rate along with gun violence in general has also risen commensurately.

True? No, completely false.

The number of AR-15 rifles certainly has risen by a lot. Every time Hillary Clinton and/or Barack Obama threaten our liberty with idiotic new gun laws these rifles start flying off the shelves of gun stores. There are many millions of these rifles in the hands of peaceful and law-abiding Americans. But gun crime and homicide rates have not increased commensurately. In fact the exact opposite is true. As the number of guns has increased, homicide and gun crime has dramatically decreased. It’s “more guns, less crime” all the way down.

This completely refutes everything you have heard from Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, Senator Chris Murphy, Nancy Pelosi, and a whole bunch of other Democrats.  Don’t take my word for it, you can check out the FBI Uniform Crime Reports for yourself, You can check out this well written a factually loaded and cited story as well: America is Awash in Guns, And Crime is At Record Lows.

It is silly to call an AR-15 rifle and “assault weapon.” It’s just a fairly low-powered semi-automatic rifle that is highly accuarate and a lot of fun to shoot at a gun range. It’s also a good rifle for self defense, especially home defense. With hollow point bullets it is less likely to penetrate walls, especailly exterior walls, inside a home than many other guns. That makes it ideal for home defense because when used to defend against home invaders it is less likely to send rounds into your neighbor’s house.

More Guns, Less Crime:



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