How to turn a city into a criminal swamp

How to turn a city into a criminal swamp? It’s easy, just put Marilyn Mosby and the ACLU in charge of criminal prosecutions and your city too could become a criminal’s dream.

Baltimore police stopped noticing crime: a wave of Killings followed.

Just before a wave of violence turned Baltimore into the nation’s deadliest big city, a curious thing happened to its police force: officers suddenly seemed to stop noticing crime.

Police officers reported seeing fewer drug dealers on street corners. They encountered fewer people who had open arrest warrants.

Police questioned fewer people on the street. They stopped fewer cars.

In the space of just a few days in spring 2015 – as Baltimore faced a wave of rioting after Freddie Gray, a black man, died from injuries he suffered in the back of a police van – officers in nearly every part of the city appeared to turn a blind eye to everyday violations. They still answered calls for help. But the number of potential violations they reported seeing themselves dropped by nearly half. It has largely stayed that way ever since.

“What officers are doing is they’re just driving looking forward. They’ve got horse blinders on,” says Kevin Forrester, a retired Baltimore detective.

The surge of shootings and killings that followed has left Baltimore easily the deadliest large city in the United States. Its murder rate reached an all-time high last year; 342 people were killed. The number of shootings in some neighborhoods has more than tripled. One man was shot to death steps from a police station. Another was killed driving in a funeral procession.

The “War on Cops” is, like every other liberal bromide, a disaster. It’s not a disaster for the cops. They have an easier and safer life if they’re not arresting dangerous criminals and drug dealers.  So it appears the war of cops has been won by the social justice warriors. Problem is, in this case winning is worse than losing. Those who stand to lose the most are the law-abiding citizens of Baltimore who are the victims of the crime wave.  This situation is especially bad for poor black people who can’t afford to move out of dangerous neighborhoods.

The citizens of Baltimore should take note that the last Republican mayor of Baltimore left office over 50 years ago. If they don’t like the changes that have come to their city they might think about not voting for Democrats.

That won’t happen. The citizens of Baltimore just re-elected the infamous Marilyn Mosby* who prosecuted all the cops present in the arrest of Freddie Gray who died in the back of a police wagon. Mosby projected every cop that was anywhere near the Freddie Gray arrest. She lost every case because she presented no evidence that any of them did anything wrong. The whole thing was just an in terrorem attack on the cops.

The Baltimore cops are reacting exactly as you might expect. Why catch criminals if you’re going to be have to defend yourself on criminal charges for doing your job?

The good citizens of Baltimore have given their city the nation’s highest murder rate. They’re getting what they’re voted for.

*It was the Democrat primary that Mosby won, but that’s all she needed. She faces no opposition in the upcoming general election. Republicans don’t bother to run candidates in Baltimore because it would be a wasted effort.

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