How to lie with charts

Steven Hayward shows how the climatistas lie with charts by compressing the vertical axis to make a small increase in CO2 levels or average global temperatures look as if enormous changes have occurred over time.  By starting the vertical axis in the wrong place CO2 levels since 1750 and in average global temperature between 1880 and 2015 can be made to look more dramatic than they actually are. In fact the changes have been relatively small, and in the case of global temperatures, hardly any change at all. But through chart manipulation small increases can be made to look scarily gargantuan.

For example, here is the chart the climate change alarmists use to show the 1880-2015 average annual global temperature rise of 2.5 degrees Fahrenheit look much greater:


By starting the vertical axis at 56 degrees and topping off at 59 degrees, the actual 2.5 increase appears to be nearly a doubling of average temperatures. Below Steven Hayward shows the exact same data on a chart with the vertical axis starting at zero and going up the highest imaginable, 110 degrees, as it should:


You can see more about how this scam is pulled off on the unsuspecting and Steven Hayward’s other chart analysis at his post today at the Powerline Blog.

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