How to Know for Sure Whether America or Any Other Country is Racist

Just ask yourself these questions — Is the so-called “Race Card” a viable way someone can make others bend to his or her will? Can someone win political points by citing someone else a racist? Can anyone silence their political opponent by labeling them as racist? Perhaps this has happened to you. Perhaps you know someone who has been falsely accused of being racist. If so, you probably have seen how debilitating it can be for anyone dishonestly accused of racism.

There is one simple reason why the racist label, whether deserved or not, will have serious consequences for anyone so haplessly denounced. America is not a racist country. Americans find those overtly racist to be repugnant.  Even for someone who hides his racism but that others sense him a racist at heart, that person will likely be shunned.

Very little is worse than to be labeled a racist. It’s the modern day equivalent of the Scarlet Letter that Hester Prynne was forced to wear on her breast. There are plenty of Arthur Dimmesdales and Roger  Chillingworths around today and they will make life a living hell for anyone falsely but believably seen as a racist. It is better to be thought an adulterous person than a racist.

Let’s go back several decades more than a century and see what has changed.  In the Antebellum South it would have profited no one to call some else a racist. Who wasn’t a racist in those days? Well, Abraham Lincoln was not. Harriet Beecher Stowe was not. But many others were.

Likewise in the Jim Crow South after the Civil War right up to at least the 1950s it would have been senseless and ineffective to call someone a racist.  Soon after that time it remained senseless but very effective to call someone a racist if besmirching their character were the goal.

There have always been a substantial number of Americans who wanted black people to be treated fairly and equally. Martin Luther King successfully changed millions of hearts and minds of white people who came to see racism as a scourge.  They sorely believed change was needed. In the first half on the decade of the 1960s that change occurred. With it came millions of white people who had their racism shamed out of them. No where else on this earth has such a radical change occurred so swiftly.

Instead of white people haranguing each other over false accusations of racism they should be proud of the changes they made on the race issue since the early 1960s. By keeping up the idea that American is hopelessly racist they are hurting the very people they claim to care about. They should try to send a different message to America’s black population. That message would be that if one if willing to work for what they want to achieve they can get it. Their is nothing holding you back.

The behavior of too many white people today gives the impression that they want a certain level of  racism so they can effectively play the race card on their political opponents. It reminds us of the gun control fanatics who will tolerate a certain level of murder in order to achieve their gun control agenda.

Race hustlers are doing their fellow Americans a terrible wrong. They encourage as many black people as possible to have a defeated image of themselves.

The Democrat party has become little different than the slave masters of years gone by who also did what they thought necessary to hold black people down on the reservation. The tangible reservation may be gone, but the psychological reservation holds many in its grip.

That is the strategical tactic used today by those who see blacks not as people but as hapless victims who can be persuaded to always vote for Democrats not matter what. The deal is simple, they will give you a  bare substance in exchange for your vote. It’s diabolical. No one should be held back from achieving the American dream, whatever their perception of it may be.

America is not a racist country. America is a place where people of every race, color or creed can prosper and thrive.


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