How to increase the crime rate nationwide

Heather MacDonald, responding to a claim made against the NYPD by The Center for Constitutional Rights through its lawyers from the elite law firm of Covington & Burling,  in Floyd v. New York, that proactive police tactics are discriminatory, since blacks and Hispanics make up the large majority of individuals stopped and questioned by NYPD cops:

The claim ignores the reality that the preponderance of crime perpetrators, and victims, in New York are also minorities. Blacks, for example, constituted 78% of shooting suspects and 74% of all shooting victims in 2012, even though they are less than 23% of the city’s population.

Whites, by contrast, committed just over 2% of shootings and were under 3% of shooting victims in 2012, though they are 35% of the populace. Young black men in New York are 36 times more likely to be murdered than young white men—and their assailants are virtually always other black (or Hispanic) males.

Given such a crime imbalance, if the NYPD focuses its resources where people most need protection, the effort will inevitably produce racially disparate enforcement data. Blacks, at 55% of all police-stop subjects in 2012, are actually understopped compared with their 66% representation among violent criminals.

Nevertheless, the spurious claims in Floyd have already been affecting public-safety decisions in the rest of the country, even before the judge’s decision is announced.

Read the whole thing in today’s WSJ (may require a subscription, if so get the print edition for Wednesday, June 12, 2013, page A17)

The policing method employed by Rudy Giuliani in New York that has greatly reduced its crime rate and turned it into a livable city is Broken Windows Policing, a method of crime fighting first introduced by the late James Q. Wilson and George Kelling in an article they wrote for the March, 1982 edition of The Atlantic Monthly.  It’s been maintained in the City ever since, even under the City’s current rattlebrained mayor.  The lawsuit referred to above seeks to stop it.  That will result in it being abolished in other cities that are using it with the same success as New York, and will result in increasing the crime rate not only in New York, but nationwide.

This is what liberalism does, it finds things that work and breaks them.

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