How the GOP can win or lose the 2018 Midterms

The election is only 5 months away so it is vital that everyone understand how the GOP can win or lose the 2018 midterms.

In a shooting war the side that wins will be the one whose generals better understand the strategy and tactics of the other side’s generals. The winning side must have generals who see not only what the other generals are doing in the moment. They must understand what today’s battle will lead to if it is lost.

In a war fought with guns and bombs losing one skirmish does not necessarily guarantee losing the next one. The Union Army lost several battles to the Rebels but in the end the Confederacy lost the Civil War.

Politics resembles shooting wars in many ways, just without (so far) guns and bayonets. Politics is also different from a real shooting war in one very important way. The side that loses one election cannot count on being able to come back and win later, at least not before the winners set their wicked policies in political concrete. One lost election can seal the fate of the losing side far into the future. Therefore, the side with the most astute political strategists is likely to win not just one election, but also several policy conflicts in the immediate and subsequent aftermath.

In order for the GOP to defy the conventional wisdom that the party in power under a new president usually loses seats in the next midterm election, in order for the GOP to hold onto the House and the Senate in 2018, it will be crucial for the GOP to understand the Democrats’ strategy for winning this coming November.

As usual, Democrats will rely on the Lucy-with-the-football strategy to hurl the Charlie Brown Republicans upside down out the front door of the House and/or the Senate.

The Dems strategy for this began a while back and even GOP dimwits leaders should have been able to see it and clearly understand it. The strategy is to run moderate to center Democrats in local races.

This is a sneaky way to gain votes from people who might recoil from the sort of strident far left radical progressive Democrats that make up the leadership of the Democrat party. The average voter might not get it that if the nice guy moderate Democrat they see in front of them wins, the power in Washington will shift to these sorts of Democrats:

What can the GOP do to combat this? They can follow the advice of Gene Schwimmner in his recent article at the American Thinker. The GOP must adopt a strategy to tie moderate Democrats in local elections to the far left radical Democrats in Washington.

The GOP must do everything in its power to educate voters so they understand the voting for this nice guy:

Means putting this awful human being and her cohorts back in power:

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