How Republicans should respond to Obama’s intransigency on the fiscal cliff

Obama wants to push America over the fiscal cliff with his intransigent class warfare, which he thinks he has a mandate to do.  How should Republicans respond?  First, is how they should not respond.  They should not engage in negotiations and then cave.  That’s the sort of thing that perennially gets them in trouble with their own voters.

Obama has pretty well made it clear that he is in no mood to compromise.  Republicans should trumpet that to the heavens and announce they will not waste time in negotiations until he backs off the gauntlet he’s laid down. That means he can’t get any new taxes because the Republicans control the House and can block new legislation.  But the fiscal cliff is all the new taxes and regulations that are already in the pipeline and will take effect automatically on January 1st.  Since Obama has made it clear he’s not going to budge on any of that, Republicans should let him go.  They can’t stop it, and they should be constantly reminding the country of that.

I predict we’ll see, and Obama will find out, that the fiscal cliff he thinks he is pushing America over is actually a political cliff that he is jumping off.

Uber liberal Susan Estrich seems to agree. Her mother listens to Rush Limbaugh, to Ms. Estrich’s chagrine last I knew.  Maybe she’s been sneaking a listen to Rushbo here and there.

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