How Prevalent Are False Allegations of Rape?

Feminists have told us since the 1970’s that women don’t lie about rape. Sounds plausible. Why would a woman put herself through all the agony of the legal system over nothing?

A woman who says she can’t give her name for legal reasons and who claims to be a feminist now says she was naive to believe that women don’t lie about rape. Writing on a blog called The Elephant she says:

If you think that women don’t lie to get back at men, how naive can you be? Yet we live in a culture of “women don’t lie,” a culture fostered by women’s groups since the 70s. A culture I helped create and support. A philosophy I believed.

But that was then. Then, sexual abuse was hidden and women were maligned and humiliated if they dared come forward. And strong, brave women stood up for the rights of their children and themselves.

Now there are women’s groups with a strong political voice. There are women in political office, policewomen, and so on. Men and women now are predisposed to believe women when they accuse someone of rape. It is sometimes a knee jerk reaction that we have not evaluated for its veracity. We have not wanted to hear that women sometimes lie. The system has supported all women even those who lie. They’ve made it easy for them. If it is proven that a woman has lied, they are not prosecuted. They are at most sent to counseling. And being a “victim” can be intoxicating to some. It can let them off the hook for being responsible for their own actions.

It was not the rise of politically-strong women’s groups that changed her mind.  [Some people believe, not without supporting evidence, that women have always held strong political power] This sort of a fundamental change in how a person thinks is usually triggered by some life-altering event.  In this woman’s case her son is accused of rape, falsely she believes.

The piece is well worth reading in it’s entirety.  She quotes former Denver Assistant DA Craig Silverman, known to have been a zealous prosecutor of rapists when he was in the DA’s office, as saying that he was often amazed to see all the false rape allegations that were made to the Denver Police Department. She does not give her source for the quote.

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